JIMI 4GLTE GPS Multiple Vehicle Tracker
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JIMI 4GLTE GPS Multiple Vehicle Tracker



JIMI 4GLTE GPS Tracker JM VL02 Multiple Inputs Outputs Driving Behavior Locator With Oil Cut Off Vibration ACC Alarm SOS For Fleet.


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JIMI 4GLTE GPS Tracker JM VL02 Multiple Inputs Outputs Driving Behavior Locator With Oil Cut Off Vibration ACC Alarm SOS For Fleet.


1. Introduction of JIMI JM-VL02 4G GPS Tracker

JM-VL02 is engineered with LTE and GSM technology to help streamline operations, reduce costs associated with service and maintenance of vehicles, improve driver safety and customer response. It’s the perfect solution for dispatching calls to your fleet while monitoring the locations of your vehicles.


2. Public Transport Dispatch

JM-VL02 gps trackers 4G supports wide voltage input: 9-36VDC. Compatible with most vehicles on the market! And with our Tracking platform support Public Transport Dispatch.


3. Why Choose Jimi JM-VL02 4G gps tracker for fleet?

1). Driving Behavior Analysis

Our 4G gps tracker JM-VL02 with Sharp turn warning and sharp speed change, sharp braking . (Definition: In the setting time range (T), the device will send an alarm if it turns more than the set speed (S) beyond the set angle (A).
Speed and angle data are provided by the GPS module.)


2). Fleet Management with Multiple I/Os for Sensors/Peripherals

Our JM-VL02 can connect with RFID, fuel sensor, temperature sensor and door sensor etc, meet your multifunction for the fleet management.


3). 4G Surfing Network

Just add one 4G SIM card can make your VL02 tracker connect to the internet easily. Our VL02 supports LTE Cat-M1/NB2: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B28/B66 (VL02A)
LTE Cat-M1/NB2: B1/B3/B5/B8/B18/B19/B20/B26 (JM-VL02E). Let you get rid of the network worries.

4). Cut-off Fuel / Power Connection

When our phone receive an abnormal alarm, we can send oil cut-off command from our phone. To make sure the security of vehicle, tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when
GPS is in valid position status, and the speed is less than 20km/h.


5). Finding car or truck instantly in the large parking lots

With our VL-02 you no need to worry where your car was parked in the large gurage or park, just need to send a command by SMS or on the Tracksolid APP with: FIND#, then will Trigger your car light & Horn to find it easily.


6). SOS Emergency Calling

In emergency case, press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until the call is picked up. Alarm message will also be sent to platform.

7). Vibration Alarm

When our JM-VL02 vehicles GPS tracker vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered. If no ignition after 3 minutes (ACC OFF), the device will send vibration alarm message immediately.


8). Geo-fence for the JM-VL02 GPS locator

With our JIMI VL02 no worry your driver will drive to another place or private use of government vehicles. As if enter or out a limited fence, you will get alarms from APP or call and SMS.


9). Displacement Alarm

When your car moves out the pre-set distance (when ACC is off and GPS is fixed).Our JM-VL02 will send a position move alarm information to your phone to make sure your car is safe.

10). Over Speed Alarm

When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period, the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user. In this way, we can pay attention to the use of the car and avoid the unexpected accident.


11). External low battery alarm

Our 4g GPS trackerJM-VL02 can be install on the motorcycle, if the motorbike battery is low, will send alam to you to charge it and will ever drain out the original car or bike’s battery.


12). Door open alarm (default Off)

If the drive door was open by illicit, you can get SMS or call alarm by setting DOORALM,A,B# A=ON/OFF,On/Off alarm, default: Off
B=0/1/2,0: GPRS only, 1: SMS+GPRS, 2: GPRS+SMS+phone call, default: 1

4. JM-VL02 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker Specification


Important notice before buying our 4G GPS tracker:

1. Please make sure buy a 2G SIM card or NB or CAT_M SIM card with enough data and credit, no 3G SIM card support.

2. This JM-VL02 have two versions, the Europe version and American version, please info us your final market so that we send the correct version to you.

3. VL02 is the updated version of GT06E luxury version, if you want the cheap one and 3G SIM tracker tracker please buy at: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10000062957185.html


5. Smart & Professional Tracking Platform -Tracksolid

1) Real-time Tracking
On the monitor, we can grasp the current situation of the device in real time location. We can also see the Device name, Telephone, IMEI number, Location time. Show Street map, Satellite imagery, Ranging, Regional vehicle routing.

2) History Route Playback
We can view the history route of our device up to 6 months when we playback. Help us change our lifestyle about driving habits, fuel saving, environment friendly. Easily grasp where the vehicle has been there.

3) Safety Boundaries Geo-fence
We can set up a geofence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it goes out of this district.

6. Our APP-Tracksolid

1). Tracksolid Download

Firstly, We can Scan the QR Code to Download APP Tracksolid ( You can also find key words in the Google play or Apple store)

2). Home page

Secondly, We can sign up the account (Sign up with your email, find the verification code in your email)

Thirdly, We can Login the account.

Fourthly, Bind the device IMEI (We can click “+” to scan the device or manually enter the IMEI number)

Finally, You are the best one. You can use it happily.

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