100% Solar AC 1.5 Ton

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100% Off Grid 48V A/C Split System Single Head

  • Operates using combination of Solar Power and Battery
  • Comes in many different models, ask your Solar Distributor!
  • No AC power required to operate indoor or outdoor units
  • Plug-and-play solar connection
  • 48V Solar Battery Power and Anti corrosion technology
  • Accessories Required: Batteries, Solar Panels

48V AIR CONDITIONER Full Set (18,000btu/1.5 Ton/2.0HP                                         


Price Includes:


2, 48V 40A Adapter/Charger

3, SOLAR PANEL 300W x 4 (25 Years Life)

4, BATTERY (For 6 to 8hrs Backup) 4 Nos 12V 150Ah needed.

Run by Solar PV through the day and Battery through the night which is charged Free by the sun. 

Finally 24 hour cooling that cost you absolutely NOTHING to RUN.
Capacity/Ton: 0.75, 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0 ton ACs
Time: 8/12/18/24 hrs continually running during day & night.

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